Started by Slim, March 16, 2021, 18:10:21 pm

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Wife & I have decided to do Scotland in August, before we need passports. It will be a driving trip in essence so as well as nice places to stay, nice car journeys are a must. Any ideas or experience?

Edinburgh will be on the list of destinations.
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Many years ago Mrs S and my good self had a few days in chilly Jockoland. Think it was 1995.

We drove up to Oban, then Fort William, Inverness and then a couple of nights in Pitlochry - we were going to stop in Kingussie but it was pissing down and looked miserable. Why that was worse than the rest of Sweatyland I don't know, but there you go.

Whenever we arrived at our nightly destination, we just went to the local tourist information centre and got them to sort out some accommodation. Got some nice places - and also Mrs McSporran's B&B near Fort William with its tinfoil wallpaper in the bathroom...

For Edinburgh I'd recommend having a few days there and going up by train. There's good snap to be had and good times, so long as you can stomach dour looking people with piss-poor accents, but hey Mrs Slim might be a better travel companion than Mrs S...
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I lived and worked all over Scotland for 10 years in the 80s/90s. Some of the standout places for me were:

Loch Ness - I used to drive a lot to and from the Isle of Skye to Aberdeenshire. The drive down its length is wonderful and the sites are incredible. Anywhere around there should be a great stay.

Isle of Skye - If you are in the North West around Fort William, it's really worth popping over to Skye. When I used to drive over I had to use a ferry (only took a few minutes), but there is a bridge now. It's stunning there.

Outer Hebrides - If you do get to Skye, you could be adventurous and drive across and then take a ferry over to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides, then on to Benbecula and South Uist. A once in a lifetime visit really.

Shetland Islands - Feeling brave there is a long ferry from Aberdeen to Lerwick in the Shetland Islands. It's an overnight trip but it's an amazing place and worth the effort; then you could travel up to the middle island: Yell, then the very top of the UK: Unst (2 short ferries to each). I know it's a stretch to do it, but believe me, it's worth it.

City-wise, Edinburgh is great, but expensive (try to stay out of the central hotels and there are various things happening there throughout the year that boost prices). I prefer Glasgow and it's a great city to see. Inverness is worth a visit too and, again, the drives to and around there are fantastic. Aberdeen is a long haul, but a really nice place to see too - and that and Inverness are good bases to get out and explore the Highlands.