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Vapour Trails Happy 19th anniversary

Started by Nick, May 14, 2021, 17:24:28 PM

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New one on me again.

Loud. quiet. loud. quiet. rock. jingle jangle. rock

All just a bit of a formula. No idea what the songs about, and no longer care.

very poor for a band of this standing and history. very

The new songs are an abomination

Jesus Christ, how many are left!!!

Freeze-Part IV of Fear

Prefer Part I, II and III

Chorus bears absolutely no relationship whatsoever to the rest of the song, it literally is tombola time. Chorus is really nice to these ears, the rest is awful.

What is the bit between chorus' called? The verse? Lyrics and music completely out of sync with each other, what a mess.

Just bored now, as I imagine you lot are reading this sort of thing.

But, started so need to finish, then I wont have to do it again

2/10. Horrible mish mash of ideas, where only 1 of them works. about 2 minutes too long as well. Bit like Return of the King Film, ends about 3 times and then starts again
The new songs are an abomination

Quote from: Jonners on June 16, 2021, 15:01:50 PMWhats up next. Sweet Miracle

Not heard this before.

Riff. rock. jangly. rock. chorus. Check, all present and correct

Chorus has a semblance of a tune, so is standing out like a stream of bats piss right now

Here are the ooh hos. Tick

Are their some strings hiding in the background? Sounded quite nice

Quite a sudden, painless ending. Best song for me by miles on the album. Sounds a bit like an out take from Counterparts era, and I can remember the tune after 1 listen. decent

Always thought this track was just nothingness.... tuneless drivel....
From the Land of Honest Men.

And Finally......

Out of The Cradle

Considering what has come before, and that Rush have a VERY patchy "last track on album" history, hopes are low......

Quite upbeat, nice driving rythm section.

Formula still being applied from first to last:riff. rock. jangly. riff. rock. jangly.

Not much else to say really, no idea what the lyrics are about, cant remember the tune, ends noisily and messily, which probably sums up this whole experience for me.


and there it is.

Anyone know if you can delete something from Spotify, it doesnt seem to want to go, and now and again I like to listen to my songs on shuffle?
The new songs are an abomination

Fair play to you for that Jonners, you put a lot into it, and although I don't agree with much of it, I admire your honesty. As we've said on here many times before, it's the variety of different opinions on this band that is what is so interesting.

Thanks Jonners for the review, I guess you won't be posting in the ear worms section any time soon.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

Well done Jonners... you,ll be quite drained by now I suspect..lol
From the Land of Honest Men.

Glad I listened . Not just an exercise in attention seeking.

It's OK I guess in parts, couple of nice choruses here and there.

But after a while it all just sounded the same and washed over me. And I love rush with a passion, and it was a small miracle they ever recorded again. But sentiment can paper over some very big cracks .

I absolutely love the cover by the way, original and remix. The remix album does reduce the horror and is less headache inducing. 

Positives? It got them out on tour again. Every cloud....
The new songs are an abomination

Right can u do snakes and arrows next mate...
From the Land of Honest Men.

really? has it got a birthday coming up?
The new songs are an abomination

Nah, do Clockwork Angels, Jonners.
The keys to happiness

CA it is. I feel I may have had the blinkers on when it came out, but its easily done, sometimes you simply stop enjoying a bands output and can be objective.

Its happened for me with a few: Metallica, Rush, Opeth, Slayer, Megadeth, Priest, Marillion.

Common theme? Mature bands who have released a lot of material. 

Look out for CA then! And I will be fair and honest, but there may be a little hint of controversy and comedy thrown in too. But, im telling you now, I hate the lyrics!
The new songs are an abomination