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The deepest Rush cut?

Started by Nick, February 18, 2021, 21:11:40 PM

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Been ages and ages since I listened to VT so just put a few tracks from the remixed version on YouTube through the telly, starting with Ghost Rider.

The main impression is that they sound like raw demos of works in progress rather than a methodically crafted end product - which may of course suit the themes but, still, it's all gets a bit draining on the ear.

There's some genuinely good passages, and it's all professionally performed of course; its just a bit difficult to get on with, even for a fanboi like me.
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It needed a producer
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Quote from: Jonners on March 02, 2021, 10:24:01 AMHaving lost a brother, Sister and father over the last few years, I have every sympathy for Neil, his remaining family, and the band from what happened in that traumatic time.

I dont, though, subscribe to the "VT is actually OK, look what they went through" theory. Yes its an achievement they even got back to recording or touring again. Yes, the Lyrics of GR are heartfelt, especially if you have read the book as well. But is it a good song. Not really
Really sorry to hear that Jonners. That must be very tough to deal with.

With Ghost Rider it is clear to see what drove him to write that song, but regardless of how deep the emotional pain was for him, that is immaterial. The song has to stand on its own. For you it doesn't. For me it does
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Yep, would never fault someone for liking a song, its all personal. 

Lost a few too many family members, but thankyou for your kind words
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