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Rush live albums

Started by Nick, February 16, 2021, 22:03:21 PM

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Although very much a live act and a fantastic concert experience band, I've always preferred their studio offerings and feel they represent and convey the quality of the playing and writing more accurately and fairly. Compare Rush to acts such as AC/DC or UFO where their songs come to life and have a greater identity on live recordings. I always thought that the studio version of Thunderstruck was quite lame, but a revelation live. Nothing more needs to be said about Strangers In The Night. I'd also place Iron Maiden in the better recorded live category.

ATWAS for me, it was my introduction to the band and captures the excitement of seeing them live better than any of the other official releases (with honourable mentions to the GUP soundtrack, Different Stages disc 3 and R30, particularly the Overture)

However, there are countless superb ROIO's which are closer to my perfect setlists than any of the above 😉