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Snakes & Arrows - your first impressions

Started by Oor Wullie, April 30, 2007, 06:46:17 AM

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QuoteVery late to the party as I was on hols and away when S&A was released but here are my thoughts......

Back in the early days of Rush fandom the thought of a new album used to excite me and by and large they didn

QuotePlayed it about four times over the weekend.

I can see why Alex is alleged to have called this their prime work, because his performances are almost wholly excellent, however, someone (Nick R) should have reigned in Geddy and Neil on the words/vox. It's my belief that no one dared rewrite the lyrics, and some of is just damned unmusical. Geddy is straining too hard in too many places (yes, the layers and layers, the stretching of notes, overuse of warble/vibrato...and the ooohs everywhere!!!!), and it doesn't sound good. Neil's book writing style has far too heavily influenced his lyric writing style here. Disappointed.

Having said all that, there is a lot of good music on this thing, and I'm taken aback by the amount of acoustic guitar. This is a good thing.

Armour and Sword could have been one of the all time greats, a real thing of beauty. That intro has got me really going. I'm afraid it loses itself, for me, at the 'Middle 8' section, though. That bit sounds amateur, and isn't required.

So far, I like the way the album starts and I'm liking the second side more than most around here. Larger Bowl and Working them Angels are weak songs, Spindrift almost has some redeeming features, and then things start to get better with Monkey Business.

That's after 4 listens...see what I feel like in a few weeks

Just a reminder
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

Probably serves as a reminder of how many people fecked off around this time, especially when some people had the nerve to say a Rush album was shit!
The new songs are an abomination