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Started by Dixkot, March 20, 2012, 11:24:16 AM

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As most of you are aware, trolling and spoiling for a fight is childish, and behaviour that is frowned upon on message boards such as TNMS.  The only purpose of this provocative behaviour is to extract a reaction, and if this occurs, a flame war begins and the original purpose of the thread is lost.

Recent behaviour and a number of observations and complaints from members have resulted in several threads having to be moderated rather robustly.  The Administrators and Moderators on TNMS are busy people with jobs and other interests that mean they can't spend 24 hours a day on here playing referee.

With this in mind, can we reiterate to members our stance on trolling and ask that members refrain from such behaviour.

From now on, posts deemed inappropriate will be removed without explanation.