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Obscure Rush Reference

Started by Gandalf, July 15, 2008, 22:07:29 PM

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24 - Series 3 Episode 3:
Tony Almeida walks down the stairs and mumbles to a colleague in CTU 'Call me....extension two one one two'  :D

(Shortly afterwards he lived to regret it.  Tony was shot in the neck in Episode 4  :-[)
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Shifted this in here.

Oh have you all seen this?

check out the freephone *sp number  ::)

Freefone: 0808 192 2112

cheers, Colin
green man...................wembley 8th sep
prem lodge...................n.e.c 11th sept
moon under water.........m.e.n 12 sept
solid rock.....................s.e.c.c 14th sept

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I remember - How we talked and drank into the misty dawn

Check out this bus company that used to operate in the North East.


They're still around, I see the coaches every now and then.

There's also a local landscaping company called GRACE that use a similar type face to the GUP artwork.
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We've been down to stop with my brother-in-law and his family in Haywards Heath.

For those of you that are interested/bothered, it's close to the B2112.


Back on the R30 tour we were stood on the train to the NEC.  My mate pointed aout the seat numbering in the carriage - it was 2112.  I have a mobile picture somewhere.  


Shifted this in here.

Oh have you all seen this?
I must know this person!

Time to investigate

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Ok, I'll join in...

1981 x 1
1983 x 4
1988 x 2
1992 x 2
1996 x 2
1997 x 5
2002 x 3
2004 x 7
2007 x 7
2011 x 3
2013 x 3

Yesterday I parked my car that was reserved for SRO
"Information does not kill you" - FZ

I just payed a bill to DHL Express for NOK 2112,-
"Information does not kill you" - FZ

I am a working man. ;D
I wish I could live it all again.

Doing a crossword earlier and one of the clues was

..In a Hurry (4)   ..

i had a chuckle...
From the Land of Honest Men.

I wish I could live it all again.

"Information does not kill you" - FZ