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Tea & Coffee

Started by Ashley_Davidson, January 20, 2004, 20:49:00 PM

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Quote from: Slim on February 01, 2004, 02:23:02 AMSainsbury's Australian Skybury blend -

(a mere 17 years later) - I'd forgotten about that stuff, it was really good but I haven't seen it for years.

I've had a number of coffee machines since I typed that. I have one deployed in the kitchen at the moment, but I haven't used it for over a year.

These days I use an Aeropress:

.. and Tesco Espresso, which is finely ground. Much quicker than a cafetiere; I think because the pressure you're applying on more finely ground coffee brings the flavour out more quickly.

I use a metal filter, not the disposable paper ones.

I have a large coffee in the morning when I get up and a large coffee in the afternoon, at about 3pm.

I like a cup of tea sometimes but not often. I had a tea phase when I lived in London, I used to get it from the Twinings shop at the end of Fleet Street which was a wonderful old-fashioned place to visit, all wooden shelves and boxes like something out of a Dickens novel. I liked Assam. These days PG Tips is fine.

We never had tea in our house when I was growing up. To this day I've never seen my mum drink tea and I never saw my dad drink it either. I was brought up on instant coffee.