R40 Spoilers

Started by Thailand Express, May 04, 2015, 23:58:08 pm

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Thailand Express

Oooohhh I get to go first  ;)

Usually try and avoid them but seeing as I'm not getting to see the tour.

From the tour book video credits:-

Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight
Big Money
Far Cry
One Little Victory
Roll the Bones
Distant Early Warning
Tom Sawyer
Red Barchetta/YYZ
The Camera Eye
The Spirit of Radio/Natural Science/Closer to the Heart
Jacob's Ladder
Prelude to Hemispheres/Cygnus X-1




That's only songs with a video playing on the rear screens.


Anger is a gift.


Some people say they've seen angels,
I've seen United,
That's enough.


Very Very underwhelming isn't it ......  :o
Women are like Elephants....they look nice but you wouldn't want to own one



That's a cracking set-list; and by the looks of it the stuff they enjoy playing the most.  Add in a HYF song and Analog Kid and it's close to perfect.  8)
The keys to happiness


Obviously there will be other songs, its fairly "stock" though

Should shut the likes of me up though about Jacobs Ladder!!!!
The new songs are an abomination

Thailand Express

Not surprised to see so many radio singles in there given that it's being marketed as a career retrospective tour.
We'll find out at the weekend how the set is being fleshed out (and rotated)...


Hemi Prelude is good and JL..but the rest... is pretty much par for the course...
From the Land of Honest Men.


V. Disappointing. The only songs I welcome are Jacob's Ladder and Hemispheres Prelude.
Roll The Bones? FFS!
Too many in there we've heard waaay too many times before IMO.


oh and CTTH ..surprise surprise...
From the Land of Honest Men.


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My guess for songs to be on rotation to include Limelight, Force 10, LVS , The Pass, Xanadu and probably Working Man.
Alas, not Anthem, Bastille Day, Cinderella Man and Kid Gloves.