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The Falklands War, Day By Day

Started by Slim, August 28, 2012, 23:55:15 PM

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I've gone and authored another e-book.

I was fascinated by the Falklands War when it happened, and earlier this year conducted an exercise to follow its events all over again, time-shifted by thirty years. I spent an hour or two each day, researching the events of the same date in 1982, and recording them in a journal.

Given the wealth of memoirs, first hand accounts and various websites dedicated to the subject, some containing classified information released years after the war ended, it was possible to follow the war more closely thirty years on than would have been imaginable at the time.

I've pieced together the events of the war in a day-by-day account, and it's available as a Kindle title on Amazon.

I followed your original thread elswhere, and  recommended to a few work colleagues who also enjoyed it. Great job , love the Slimisms .
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.

Had a message from Amazon to say that this was number 95 in the Falklands War category bestsellers. Have decided to donate 25% of the proceeds to http://www.falklandsveterans.org.uk/