Nikolai Tesla. Any good bio of him in print?

Started by Captain Ron, July 21, 2009, 16:22:05 pm

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Captain Ron

I've always been fascinated by this enigmatic inventor and wanted to learn more about his life and the projects he was involved in. Can anyone recommend a good book on him?
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I have a biography of Tesla, not to hand at this time. It is a slim volume, but it still gives a fair insight into his accomplishments. I think it had a subtitle of 'the man who invented the 20th Century.' Are you familiar with the You Tube clip, with a couple of actors portraying Edison, and Tesla, having a show down moderate by Vanderbilt, (played by Orson Welles)?

Captain Ron

Familiar with the book. After some research I requested that very title from my local library. Fascinating read. Not familiar with the clip. Will check it. Thanks. :)
"I was brought up to believe" (but never to leave beer)


Did you see this?
Nikola Tesla: The patron saint of geeks?
and I guess you know about The Oatmeal website mentioned in the article.
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