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Started by Anj_Dey, October 19, 2004, 06:06:59 am

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Don't know if any of you have heard of a tribute band called "The Spirit of Rush" but they're playing Scruffy Murphys pub (formerly known as the "Pen & Wig" for the older members out there) in Dale End, Birmingham on Fri Nov 5th - tickets are

Oor Wullie

Hi Anj,

They are a good band.  They played at the Limelight in Crewe not too long ago.  I've been on their website and heard the samples as well.  Very good I've got to say although I haven't seen them.

Definitely go and check them out.  Tell Declan (the guitarist) that I'll be in contact with him soon regarding a gig at Harlem in Kirkcaldy, Scotland.


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Cheers Will, i'll be there, I don't have much choice cause my cousin is promoting the gig so I've gotta give him some support! Actually, i'm looking forward to it. My cousin has got a 4 track CD of theirs & he played me Spirit of Radio over the phone & it sounded decent. He's asked them if they can play AfterImage & The Camera Eye & i think they said "No probs", so the signs are good. I'll let you know how it goes.  ;)


QuoteI've been on their website and heard the samples as well.
So where's the link Willie?
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seems to be a bit of Overkill in Birmingham in early November with Rush tribute bands. Both YYZ and TSOR are playing on the 6th in Brum, with TSOR also playing on the 5th.

Surely this will effect numbers attending all3 gigs?  :-/
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