Started by Mark_Williams, June 24, 2004, 23:52:21 pm

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Where's the best place for real music ringtones - I want the drum intro to OLV on my phone  :)


lol, just go into Google and search for "Miditown dreams" and get all the midi files you want...

FYI, Float is only for Sony Ericssons and is also only maintianing your phones address book.


How do I put them on my phone?  :-[


perhaps it's juts me, but those sound pants - I think the Thunderstruck riff is the one for me  lmao


Can you get hold of the jazz cover version of "Closer To The Heart" ( as heard on Rare Rush II) ... now that would seriously feck the heads of complete strangers ... as well as your felow Rush fans  ;D