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Started by Bruce_Macgregor, April 02, 2004, 03:19:44 am

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Having enjoyed Slim's (assumed ) well thought out April Fools Gag I thought I would share this one with you that I was the butt of a few years ago.

April 1997 and I was working as Site Agent on a road reconstruction job in Fife between Dunfermline and the Kincardine Bridge. (the location IS important)

During the last week of March a sperm whale had become disorientated and had appeared in the Forth Estuary attracting large crowds as it swam around under the two bridges. Efforts were made to drive the whale out to sea and although these seemed at first to have succeeded the whale again swam into the river this time further upstream before beaching and dying on the mudflats beside the Kincardine Bridge.

On this particular April 1st I received a written instruction from the Engineer for the Works that the police had asked us to remove the lights and cones and provide clear passage for an abnormal load which would be travelling from Kincardine to North Queensferry later that day. North Queensferry is home to a large Marine Visitor Centre called Deep Sea World and I assumed that the abnormal load was the body of the whale being transported to Deep Sea World where the papers said an autopsy was to be carried out.

I was furious and could not belive the cheek of the Police as it would be no easy task to get the road in to a reasonably safe condition that quickly. I was actually on the verge of phoning the police to tell them to take a hike.

However my fury was eased and my total gullibility exposed when I received a second written instruction from the Engineer asking if I could arrange for our workforce to doff their hard hats as the load passed.

Talk about hook line and sinker.

Every year now when April Fools Day arrives I allow myself a laugh at my own expense.

Surely there must have been loads of others.


I thought I was the victim of an April Fools prank back in 1982 but as you'll see I wasn't so lucky....  :(

I was still in training at TD Bank (where I still work), working in a suburban branch. Late in the day on March 31st, the Assistant Manager told me to report to Human Resources Dept. the following morning (April 1st). He advised me that because our cash delivery service (Brinks) had gone on strike, HR was going to use male trainees to deliver cash to branches for the duration of the strike.

I was in disbelief and told the details of the story to my parents when I got home. My mom was beside herself, saying "They'd NEVER do something like that... it's too dangerous!!". Upon some reflection, she exclaimed "Wait a minute... tommorrow's April Fools day!! You're probably just going to HR to receive word of your posting!" (my training period was just about done and I was expecting some news). Relieved at this revelation, I slept soundly that night.

The next day, I went down to HR where I was shocked to see about a dozen other guys waiting for the HR rep to appear. Before long, the head of TD Bank Security and a few others arrived and told us that yes we would be delivering cash in unmarked rental cars while Brinks was on strike. They escorted us down to the secure cash cage (Fort Knox has nothing on this place). We were given our orders and within the hour, groups of 3 of us were on the mean streets of Toronto with over $1 million in the trunk delivering cash. No police, no security, no escorts.... just a bunch of early 20's single guys dressed in casual clothes entrusted to more money than we'd ever seen before.  :o Believe me, it crossed our minds to drive straight to YYZ airport, hop a plane to Brazil and never be heard from again!!  ;D

However, more sensible heads prevailed and eventually the shock and the fear of what MIGHT happen wore off and we did this job until the middle of June. So what was thought to be an April Fools prank was unfortunately all too real.....  :(

Tom Garrett

i was fitting a staircase in a new house today when i rang the house owner, informing him that it would not fit and that he would have to get a large portion of the concrete floor re-cut (very expensive) as the stairs would not work. poor guy got caught speeding on the way back to see how the problem could be rectifyed, luckily, he got off with a caution. ::)
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Mrs Bez was out with work colleagues last night (teachers no less) and one of them announced that she'd seen an ad in the paper for "minus calorie water" Apparently she remained un-convinced for the whole evning that she was a victim !
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