"In The End" - What will YOU do?

Started by Dave_Pierce, January 30, 2003, 20:11:03 pm

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No one knows for sure (even the band) exactly when RUSH will call it a day. (Slim wished they'd done so in 1987


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We've had this exact conversation already, actually Dave - I'll see if I can find the thread and post an update to it so it bubbles to the top again.

My ideal timeline would have seen them retiring after HYF, then getting together for a reunion gig at Newcastle City Hall in 1997, and recording a reunion EP - Superconductor / Test For Echo / Show Don't Tell / Totem / Carve Away The Stone - then calling it quits for good.

Tom Garrett

when they do call it a day,,,, we can look forward to a farwell tour,,,, then a couple of years later, the reunion tour :D
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QuoteSorry, but that's really SAD!

Get a life.


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But.... RUSH is the "soundtrack to my life"!! Now what do I do?



Yes but whatever happens, and whoever you are, you will always have your favourite music & memories, so you are well off.
And as I already suggested in the previous incarnation of this thread  - there is always the tribute bands to feed your live need.
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But then of course I also have a beautiful 8" x 10" certain photograph to look at every day for the rest of my live! lmao


QuoteDiscover Quo ;D

Not sure what you mean by this... please enlighten me!!  :)


When the time does come I'll probably lock myself in a room with a damn good sound system and play my vinyl copy of 'Archives' for the first time since I got it, very loud all 3 albums straight through in tribute,

Actually I'll have to play 'Afterimage' first.


I started this topic a while ago...........

What will i do? - well Dave, can i invite myself along to your gathering as it sounds great!!
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QuoteI started this topic a while ago...........

What will i do? - well Dave, can i invite myself along to your gathering as it sounds great!!

I'll check with my cottage-owning friend, but the more the merrier!!  ;D


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Quo are perhaps the rock antithesis to Rush, Uk denim wearing perennial heads down 3 chord rock. A bit of an institution here in the UK.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.


I'll probably start rumours that they are planning a come back tour in order to keep the spirit going and thus avoid dealing with the inevitable feeling of loss - alternatively, I'll just try to find my 'Leonard Cohen at his most miserable (the even darker than normal years)' compilation tape and retreat to a dark room for a year.
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