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Started by Wim, December 18, 2002, 22:30:36 pm

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Saw this on the DRE board:

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This is from a Tri-Net chat with Andrew McNaughton.

Will there be backstage footage on the new DVD?

AndrewMacNaughtan:Yes, I think the plan is to have a second disc (but don't hold me to it!) which will have a short documentary film I did of the band's travels in Brazil.... you will see very rare moments of the band doing a variety of daily ''being on the road'' type things like; sound check, Neil in his drum room warming up before the show, Alex eating his breakfast while make happy faces out of his eggs... stuff like that, it's going to be great!

AndrewMacNaughtan:They filmed the Rio show with 20 cameras!!! It was an amazing concert... especially since the band wasn't able to do a sound check that night.... in fact the crew (who are amazing) were setting up the gear until 9:30pm... that's how crazy it was... but it's going to make a great story for my documentary, but also it was a great show for the band.

Will the dvd be a full show?

AndrewMacNaughtan:Yes, I believe it will be the full show, but I can't confirm that... it all depends on how much space is on the disc. But again, I don't know the details, sorry.