Should Stewart goto Toronto in October?

Started by Stewart, August 22, 2002, 05:11:27 am

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QuoteThe powerwindows site has a quote, supposedly from a band member, saying it isn't worth coming to the UK, therefore, they wont. But I assume you've seen that.

Breesey welcome...

I assume this is the quote you are refering to...

QuoteRush Not Touring UK: Although they had earlier stated they hoped to tour Europe, in Classic Rock Magazine, Aug. 2002 issue, Rush stated they were not taking the Vapor Trails tour to the United Kingdom. "Unfortunately, we didn't get any offers from British doesn't make sense for us to come for just 4 or 5 dates. We thought that once the new record, Vapor Trails, came out it would create a bit of interest, but it didn't."

If so then Alex said this, and it has been discussed elsewhere in the "No European Tour!" topic...

I don't want to start on the whole Euro tour thing in here, please have a shuffty in there :-)


I couldn't vote for some reason but if You have the time and money....GO!!!!!

I will have to rely on the Slim hope that Alex' comment was an outburst of his weird humour. ::)
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If you can afford to go, GO!!!!
If you can afford to go but can't then send me the money, I'll go and when I come back I'll tell you all about it. That way it's as if you were really there. The more I think about it the better the idea gets, I'm sure you'll agree!
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Go-I'm now planning to go to the shows in Boston and Philly.

Andy Piercy

I'm planning for Montreal & Quebec City.

It could work out cheaper than going to Toronto and missing a Saturday night?

Go on. You know you want to.  ;D

Andy Piercy


QuoteHmmm, as your erstwhile Administrator on TNMS, I feel the need to ask you all...

Should I go...?

No you bloody well shouldn't

For one thing they're crap live and over the hill and secondly you won't get me a M&G pass, so I don't know why you should go swanning off and enjoyin yourself if I can't get to put my arm round Alex's ample waist

so there