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Started by Stewart, August 14, 2002, 15:57:07 pm

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mmmmm Not sure i agree re the Roger Waters point. Floyd were always much bigger here than Rush and the recent 'best of' will have stirred some interest.

I take it from your earlier post that youve been speaking to some promoters. Do you also have a contact at fairly senior level at SRO? I am somewhat dubious about what information Rush get from 'official' sources over here - perhaps they might be open to communicating through yourself. (After all, I do get the impression that the forthcoming south american gig/s were largely inspired by the efforts of a small number of fans from down there). While at the moment i am not feeling particularly generous towards Rush/SRO, i can accept that if all they had to go on was UK VT sales, UK record compny advice and UK promoter reticence, they may have good reason to be cautious about coming over.

Wouldnt it be ironic given some of Neil's previous comments about the www if, through the various other forums and websites we contribute to, UK rush fans could build a viral campaign to publicise some shows.



I can't comment on such connections...

What kinda viral marketing have you in mind?

Also re: the Mexico date, what you have to remember is that the trucks for the show just have to drive a few hundred miles there and back, which is a far cry for 3k over the sea.

Your comment on the Mexico date and the fans as intrigued me...

Mail me re: the viral thing.

Dave Brenchley


Your comments about 2 containers etc, make perfect sense to me. But isn't this what they did the one time they went to Japan? They didn't like it and have never been again....

It seems to me that if they REALLY want to tour in Europe, then they have to accept that it is not going to be like 1981 or 1983 and that they are going to have to scale things down and deal with the compromises that entails.

If the idea of this is unnacceptable, they wont come.

I suspect promoters would be extremely keen to put on Rush in the odeons and city halls, but are reticent to guarantee sales in the arenas.....

What it boils down to is how much they would "like" to tour in Europe and what sacrifices they are prepared to make to make it happen.
We're all here in celebration, this music's gonna make us strong....


This really only confirms what most of us believed all along. You don't need a degree in economics to understand why the tour isn't happening - there is simply very little demand for Rush over here. Even my colleagues (same age) have no recollection of the band so I don't think even the smaller venues would necessarily sell very well.

OK, so the promotion (!) of the band has been shite for years. But had they wanted it to be better wouldn't you have expected them to part compnay and find someone else?

I am going to Boston (booked the flight today,


QuoteOK, so the promotion (!) of the band has been shite for years. But had they wanted it to be better wouldn't you have expected them to part compnay and find someone else?

I don't know the ins and outs of their record deal, but I'd suspect that East/West came part and parcel with the Atlantic deal in North America, which has been a great deal, from all accounts...

With East/West, Rock/Metal just isn't their bag, and they couldn't be arsed to do PR for stuff they don't know or understand...

When the Bones tour was on they had 2 guys there who had a reasonable idea, Geoff Gillespie and Dante Bunoto(sp?) YES the same Dante from Kerrang.

But now they just can't be bothered, and as a result the appeal/awareness of rush here has died!

Rush in Europe is dead, long live Rush


Stewart - have emailed you privately