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Started by Dixkot, November 06, 2005, 17:32:48 pm

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Here I am in the inner sanctum that is 'Admins & Moderators Musings'.

I've had to sit and read through some of the posts to see what it's all about, and have concluded that this is like a wee blog area.  A space for inane chatter, relfection and opinions.  So here goes.  ;D

Firstly, I was very honoured on Friday when Lord Andy of Field phoned me asking if would become a Moderator and had no hesitation in accepting.

So 'General Chat English' & 'General Sporting Chat'  are now in my care. I could be busy in the first one.  ;D

Was working at the Rangers v Aberdeen match on Saturday and got the short straw of working in beside the Aberdeen fans.  Was puzzled to find that English is not their first language.  ;)  Kept an eye out for Dods but didn't see him.  Perhaps he had something more inportant to do.  :o

Last night had a wee fireworks do in the back garden.  I'm beginning to wonder if it's really all worth it anymore.  Ended up bladdered though, so it wasn't all that bad.

Right, off to the gym now, have to work off last nights burbers, hotdog, beer, vodka etc.


English - Fit's at?

No I was not at the castle of Evil. To much agro. However, I was laughing with Neph & Baldie Pete last week about it if you you were there and I was to.

Welcome sir.


Yes, welcome Dix. Wasn't overwhelmed to hear that a supporter of the Spawn of Satan was to join our merry circle but, as life should be, it's only fair I suppose. It's obvious that you are one of the more educated of your tribe and will be a great addition to the moderating hordes. Once again welcome.


Welcome Dix :D

Good luck with the moderating.. ;) ;D


It's Saturday morning and I'm pretty rough from last night's PTA night out.  Got woken up at 08:30 by a neighbour using a bloody Stihl saw [b@$t@rd!!].

BUT the day cheered up immediately I opened the post.  Those lovely folk at Play.com have delivered to me, Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run (30th Anniversary Edition) 2 days before the official release date. ;D

Wonder if they'll manage that with R30 too. ;D

Having to go out for a haircut soon.  Working at the Scotland v USA game (12:00 start time).

Off to give BTR a spin.  ;D


Oh the luxury.

A day off.  ;D

Sitting sipping fresh brewed Columbian coffee, munching croissants and raspberry jam and reading the Sunday papers.

Pretty aweful actually.

Reading the details of the Police Officer murdered in Bradford.  

This is obviously pretty worrying for me and all other coppers out there.  It appears that the officer murdered was wearing body armour, but was fatally shot in the chest.  This raises the question as to whether my vest would fail to stop a bullet as it is supposed to?

On a brighter note, Rangers got humped again. :-/
No shock there.
McLeish must go.

Oh well, back to the croissants.

Need cheering up a bit.

Time for 'Rush in Rio' DVD, at ARH volume.

[That'll get the family up]  ;D


Had the great pleasure today of visiting and talking to some autistic kids.  Never have I been so touched by what I saw and experienced.  They were truely wonderful.


Beers chilled and a couple of neighbours coming in to watch the Porto v Rangers game.

Can luck please shine on us tonight. ::)


Can luck please shine on us tonight. ::)

Well tonight's the night.

Very strange in that Rangers can qualify for the 2nd stages of the CL with either a win, draw or loss. :-/

If Inter field a weakened team as expected I see no reason why Rangers can't win.  Compared to their domestic performances, they have played OK in Europe.

Souness rumoured to be quitting Newcastle for Rangers.  Ash will probably be a lot happier than I if this comes true.



Ok look, I can post in here now.

Nowt to say though.  ::)


Oh dear. I can see a few moderators' threads going totally off topic.  ::)

Whatever colours you have in your mind
I'll show them to you and you'll see them shine


Anger is a gift.


QuoteOh dear. I can see a few moderators' threads going totally off topic.  ::)

Do they have a topic.  ::)