Dutch Musings from the South.....

Started by Wim, January 18, 2004, 00:46:17 am

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Tickets for Oberhausen and Rotterdam already came in. Just have to wait for the Wembley ticket. Guess it will take some time.

Before the Rush Tour I will see YYZ (May 20) in Zoetermeer and Melissa Etheridge (July 12) at the Heineken Music Hall in Amstardam.


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[size=16]Well, just playing around a bit. Got nothing else to do today. Hmmm........ seems nice but don't know if does read easy. Lets have a look.[/size]

[size=18]maybe this does read a lot easyer. seems very nice also. can't wait to have a look at this... ;)[/size]


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[size=24]Think this is a nice one too.

Just in two weeks from now the new Tour will start.
Can't wait untill it's September to see them.
Anybody knows something about the US ticketsales............



Oeps, been a while since I've been here......  :-[


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Will be back.........