Started by Analog RH, March 23, 2007, 10:54:38 am

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QuoteNo outdoor please though I woudlnt mind a larger free standing area than just the first row as at MEN last year

Than you have to come to Rotterdam Ahoy  :)
Juni 2013....


Prague was standing in '04

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As you all probably know by now an announcement of Rush's UK 2007 tour is imminent.

Dates will be announced on TNMS on late Monday afternoon, following the band's tour launch press conference in New York.

So anyone know if there was a press conference and were the band present?


I'd kinda like an outdoor show too in UK, however happy they are returning to these shores so soon again.  



So anyone know if there was a press conference and were the band present?

I think it was a press release rather than a press conference.

Can't see NEP doing one of those somehow.   :P

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Mark Reeve

Why outdoors......................... I like the party on the campsite the night before,the excitement of being with thousands of like minded people who I have never seen cause any trouble.This all began when the Monsters of Rock was a decent day out back in 83.Waited for Rush to be announced as headliners with some good support bands ever since.Of course I would still want my 3 hours of Rush (at least )..............and a special one off in August would be excellent.
I know it wont happen in the Uk but its something I have always wanted.
I hear the Stones are doing the Isle of Wight this year.Our boys arent too old yet.