UPDATED 15/12: EuCon Donation

Started by Analog RH, December 11, 2006, 14:15:38 pm

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The Letter R

An excellent feature - nice one  8-).


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A brilliant article.

AND free advertising.;D


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Glad to be of service, young Mr Hard ;D
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A nice ending to a very nice story. Well done to Andy and to everyone who contributed in raising the cash in the first place.

Analog RH

Letter from the hospital thanking us for our donation.



We did that.

Big pat on the back everyone.



Absolutely awesome.  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

This really brings a lump to the throat, it's heartening to know TNMS and Eucon can make such a positive difference.   :)

The keys to happiness


Great stuff. You should make sure that Anthem know about this.


Wonderful, made me smile.  :)

2007 we'll do even better.  ;)



Only just seen this (how did I miss it?)

Well done Andy, and well done us.

(80's rockers?)

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Nice one - both the story in paper and the letter from hospital.  Well done everyone.  8-)  Makes even me proud, although I could not contribute the way I would have wanted  ( it would have been nice to be able to join the auction, too ;) some great stuff was on sale, but  the prizes got a bit high,too - which of course is fantastic)  I hope  I'm ( my wallet is) better prepaired next time  ;D