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Started by Analog RH, October 21, 2005, 18:12:03 pm

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Good luck to Andy, Ashley and Chris !  :)



Strange thing, actually. One of the conditions of the handover was that you were banned. It was one of the few things we all agreed upon.

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QuoteHello all!

As Stew stated earlier in the month, he

Captain Beardy

 lol Has the 'Three Stooges' theme-tune EVER been more appropriate than now  lmao

Congrats chaps,.....( never did like that bloody sweaty-sock,' Gilrod ' anyway,..  lmao lmao ;) ),........

( Just kiddin',.....Beardy loves yer really,Steweee-boy  :-* )  
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QuoteHello all!

As Stew stated earlier in the month, he

Prince By-Tor

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Congratulations Chaps!
And then there were two...


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QuoteHow long before Chris tries to get rid of Bacchus Plateau?

;D  lol
Why on earth would he do that? We need somewhere here to talk about Chocolate Salty Balls, apart from the Basement...  


Thx Nick, BIG DEAL!  ;D

It takes three to RUSH  8)

Keep up the work work guys :)
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We're all behind you, unless you ask us about MySQL, in which case you're on your own.  :P

This is my 500th post: I'm confident TNMS will be here long enough for me to reach 1,000... but I have no idea how we have a few guys over 17,000...


Good luck boys.You will definately do a great job.
All the best from

Tom Garrett

best of luck lads, the site's certainly in good hands. 8)
you have a tough act to follow , thanks once again to Stewart for starting this special place, long may it continue. 8)
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A most excellent arrangement indeed. A jolly great big HURRAH! to all concerned.

PS Does this mean Toon fans get their very own "Sourness OOT" forum?

Oor Wullie

Before I went on holiday, I chatted with Micke (Fuzzface) on MSN messenger and we had the discussion about who was going to take over.

My very first guess was ARH, CQ and Ash.  Fuzzface said that it was a very good guess.  Now I know.

Andy, Chris and Ashley,

Congratulations to all three of you for being handed such a brilliant website.  I'm sure you'll all do Stewart proud and maintain the site how it should be (a forum for European Rush fans).

I'm so glad that it was you guys and not some complete stranger taking over.

Now I'm happy.  ;) ;) ;) ;)
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Well not to test you too much I echo the congratulations of everyone else.
Good Luck Chaps!