14 Days and Counting until EuCon'05

Started by Stewart, July 23, 2005, 16:25:32 pm

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I'd like to hand you over to my colleague, Mr Analog Rocking Hard!!!...

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce the new venue for EuCon05: "Leeds University Union - The Old Bar". You'd think we'd be wary of University facilities by now, wouldn't ya?  ::) We'd like to thank the Old Bar for making their facilities available to us at such short notice, especially as they're far superior to those at LMSU (looks like their decision to refurb actually did us a favour!  8) ).

It gets better....  ;)

Venue will be open from noon to 11pm for EuCon. Then, in a different part of the venue, they hold the Rock Of Ages rock club which stays open until 3am!!  :o :D 8)

It gets better.....  ;)

The Old Bar is less than a quarter of a mile from both the Leeds MET and The Merrion Hotel, making your stagger home a short and painfree one.  ;D If you get peckish midway through EuCon there is basic fare in the venue and also a small supermarket and a number of restaurants very close by.

IT GETS BETTER!!!!    :D :D :D :D

The Old Bar manager asked Stewart to ask you guys "would you like to have some real ale to drink on the day?"  :D I'm going to start a poll over this weekend to ask you just that!  8)

There is only one downside to the venue that we can see - due to a very strict licensing policy under 18s are only allowed in until 8pm. Stewart is seeking permission to extend this to 11pm, but we can't promise anything just yet.  If this causes a problem with children, or if you yourself are under 18, please drop Stew or I a PM (  ;D ).


Tickets won't be sent out in advance of the event this year. Obviously the late change in venue has made things a bit more interesting on the ticketing front. Thus your ticket will be awaiting you at the Old Bar on the day, available to collect anytime after 12pm.

Talking of tickets, they're selling very healthily indeed. We hope to have some tickets for sale on the day, but the best way to guarantee your spot is to buy in advance: visit the EuCon website for details.

And that's today's news. More tomorrow. :)

The Analog Rockin Hard Parent


Thanx fellas you have made a very over 18 extremely happy;D.
Really looking forward to it eventho I havent told 'er indoors I am going, still crosses to bear and all that. See you in a fortnight.
Bill M.


Most excellent news.

And get the Real Ale on!!!  ;D

Exiled Yorkie

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even though i aint going, I'd like to say that leeds is a cracking night out, especially if your single
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Just like to say well done to you for making sure we,ve still got a great day to look forward to!

Tom Garrett

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What happened with the old venue?


A bit of googling on this place shows that it has the longest bar in Europe  ;D

Tom Garrett

QuoteA bit of googling on this place shows that it has the longest bar in Europe
Don't argue with the ignorant and stupid; they'll take you down to their level and beat you with experience!


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nope, longest bar in the world is at the Galway race track. ;)

Why does that not surprise me  lmao

Oor Wullie

Great news.

Well done to Stewart, Andy and the rest of the EuCon committee for making this happen!!!

;D ;D ;D
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What's the address of the new venue?


Full address details etc will be on the EuCon website tomorrow.


Don`t like that place so going to world superbikes instead :D :D :D :D :D

Analog RH