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Started by Analog RH, September 10, 2004, 21:55:10 pm

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Oor Wullie


Analog - mine are winging my way to ya now! Thursday in the front was awesome, awesome, awesome! It was great seeing all of you guys - I wish I could make the rest of tour but I am at least enjoying the last few days of summer in Canada. Avoir! lmao
Nice photos Chris.  It was good to meet you at the Green Man.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to do it again and perhaps a longer chat next time.
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Spirit of Rich

QuoteI am reminded of when a big scandal is going to be broken by a national newspaper. Said paper will usually call up the politician, celebrity, film star or musician to invite them to comment before the story is published.

Well, many thanks to Rascal Houdi who kindly emailed me a picture of yours truly holding a half pint glass in his hand at the Green Man. Rascal gave me the option of bringing the story to the board, or posting it himself. For that I thank him.

The truth is that I was holding said half for a friend who had gone to the loo. I would of course never purchase or accept a half from anyone.

Anyways. Here it is. I'm off for a sulk.

;) ;D

And lest anyone forgets, that half that shandy-pants is holding/drinking was actually Carlsberg, even though excellent quality Stella was on sale!  ::)

No wonder his dad calls him Von Frockenstein.  ;D ;)
You know how that rabbit feels........

rascal houdi

Talk about credibility blown! lmao
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