"Ghost Rider" - film/TV?

Started by Stewart, July 12, 2004, 15:00:47 pm

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Just had this little gem in my inbox this morning...

Scabeba Entertainment Acquires the Film and Television Rights to Neil Peart's Biography "GHOST RIDER"

Neil Peart internationally best-selling author, lyricist and Hall of Fame drummer for the legendary band "RUSH" gives rights to his bio "GHOST RIDER" to Buddy Rich's daughter Cathy.

(Las Vegas) July 11, 2004 -- Cathy Rich, daughter of legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich has acquired the film and television rights to produce the Neil Peart bio "GHOST RIDER" through her production company Scabeba Entertainment. The Drainie-Taylor biography prize finalist was also chosen as one of the five most exceptional biographies of the year.

Neil Peart, internationally best-selling author, lyricist and Hall of Fame drummer for the renowned rock band RUSH, is the most successful band in Canadian rock music. RUSH has recently made history by becoming the first band to celebrate 30 years together with the original members and they are currently on the RUSH 30th Anniversary World Tour.

"GHOST RIDER" is a bold, brilliantly written, intense, exciting, and ultimately triumphant narrative memoir from a gifted writer and musician, who started out as a man reduced to trying to stay alive by staying on the move. Within a ten-month period, Neil Peart suffered family losses so devastating that they left him a ghost, physically a man, but with nothing.

Rich states that she is "thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to collaborate on such an inspiring story of personal triumph". Rich and Peart became friends in 1992 when Neil appeared on the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship concert, in his first foray outside of RUSH. They also collaborated on the Grammy-nominated CD's "Burning for Buddy," parts 1 and 2.

Scabeba Entertainment is currently in pre-production on the life story of Buddy Rich, produced by Steven Soderbergh and Miramax Films. ---



Ooooooooooohh, could be good!  :D


Who'd play him though (he said, almost able to hear the sound of a can of worms being opened  :P)


Thing is, wouldn't it be a documentary, rather than a dramatisation?


QuoteThing is, wouldn't it be a documentary, rather than a dramatisation?

Not necessarily.  Bio-pics are the in thing at the mo.  And, given Neil's reticence to discuss the past outside of the printed page, a documentary without contributions from any of the major players (Neil by choice, Jackie and Selena by sad and unfortunate circumstance   :'() would to my mind be fairly pointless.

I reckon a Bio-Pic personally.  Its the only thing that makes sense.


I guess I'd watch this if it were on TV, but I can't say that the idea appeals at the moment...

If its only the rights thta have changed hands I assume that there's some way to go before filming starts..
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QuoteWho'd play him though (he said, almost able to hear the sound of a can of worms being opened

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Hmmmmm  ........  interesting.....
The use of the words "gives the rights.." and she has "aquired the rights..." does that mean he had sold them to her company or given for free. Either way I am sure if it ever comes to production Neil would want a high degree of input into the making of any film/narrative/documentry.


Quoteneil must be skint again

Cynic.  ;D

You can't force production companies to take options out on books at gunpoint.  Well, you can but - :-/

You see my point.   ;)


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i'd prefer to not see this as a film - i just don't think it would work -

couple of things that worry -

i write bits pf poetry and prose and i find it hard to show these things to the public cos i think that they show the inner most me which i don't want others to see and to an extent i believe Peart is the same or at least used to be. Over the past few years this has changed just has his lyrics changed over time to include personal experiences and the like, writing abook yes, cos writing can be theraputic, putting the owrds down and thinking of what to write can focus your mind on problems and cause you to reflect.

but a film? -

a film of his thoughts and feelings, the dramatisation of his wife and daughters death?

lets be honest the book can be quite dull how will they change a book, and at time a bit of a plodder into a film that draws viewers and engages you throughout the whole plot -

what plot - there is no plot!

his new wife. i understand completely but others may not so - outside of rush circles whose fans will forgive anything, even Power Windows, others may not be so understanding - it wasn't straight away but it was soon and some are old fashioned and think a proper period of mourning is needed.Peart may lose sympathy over that.

i just hope that there's a bloody good screenwriter and director on this is it ever makes it to production and damn good actors.


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I agree with Maria's every important point.

In particular it IS a dull, repetitive book in many ways and wouldn't make a good film.  It's essentially a record of his thoughts and state of mind - how does a director get that across in a film?  Actually I suppose it would have to have a voiceover narrative.

Another thought: if it does get made I hope it doesn't end up as a cheesy TV movie that of the kind that occasionally get played on MTV.

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I would imagine that having secured the rights it may well be that the finished article may not be about Neil at all, but might use his story as a template for the development of a fictional character.....

Then again I may be very very wrong..... ;D ;)