"Feedback" gets UK Release date

Started by Stewart, May 22, 2004, 16:15:11 pm

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As with most releases we are getting Feedback the day before our cousins over the pond, that's right the UK release date for Feedback is Monday June 28th.

As for a single release at this time we don't know, but as soon as we do so will you.


QuoteGreat news! 8)

Yep, indeed! ;D

But we are used to get delays with releases. Hope it will turn out wright this time!  ;)



we already know it'll be delayed till september ;)


1)The powers that be [glb]MUST[/glb] release Summer Time Blues as a single!

2) When will we be able to pre-order through the site?

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Summertime Blues [glb]IS [/glb]the single.
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Summertime Blues [glb]IS [/glb]the single.

Yeah but is it a single HERE in the UK, unknown at this time.


A single seems, nowadays, to be a single song sent out to the radio stations, for example One Little Victory. That was a BIG mistake imho... it should have been released to the shops backed by an out-take from DS, really it should 'ave been...
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Summertime Blues [glb]IS [/glb]the single.
Yeah, I know,


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The random ad banner above links to it too ;)


I've pre-ordered my copy from uncle amazon.............

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not anymore it isnt , UK/Europe release delayed until july the 7th.
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Quotenot anymore it isnt , UK/Europe release delayed until july the 7th.

What?? A Rush release, delayed?? Shurely shome mishtake??
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we have lost control....we have lost control... ;D