YaBB - Upgrading to v1.2

Started by Stewart, January 29, 2003, 19:29:09 pm

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January 29, 2003, 19:29:09 pm Last Edit: February 01, 2003, 02:43:38 am by Stewart
Just to let you know, a new version of the YaBB forum software is out, and I'm 50/50 on upgrading to it...

1. It's WAY faster than 1.1
2. It's leaner than 1.1
3. It doesn't use javascript for one of the main functions

1. I've written a lot of my own custom sections for it (IE Merchandise etc).
2. Not sure it'll work with my board :-)

I'll make a backup of the system tonight and try it on a seperate server and try to get it to work that way.

But a 40% speed increase would be good, it would stop Dods bitching :-)


ok, now I'm worried. I've just tried to upgrade and it's given me 53 unique errors out of 271 individual changes it has to do...

What do I do? Do I start from v1.2 fresh and re-add all the mods I have or do I not bother?


Well I did it, I fixed all 53 errors, so this is NOW YaBB v1.2

If anyone has ANY problems let me know via a PM, thanks...


I'd like to thank EVERYONE for sending me PM's about the fact that NO ONE can change their profiles at the moment...

BTW. That IS sarcasim as NO ONE told me, I found out myself...

I know what the bug is, but it's in the code that was part of the update to YaBB, so I've got to WAIT until the guys over at YaBB announce a fix for it...



Hmmm, I've gone back to YaBB v1.1 as other "things" were starting to pop up... most disconcerting...

So probably next weekend when I do the ISP change-over and Server rebuild I'll be install v1.2 native and re-modding it with the mods I can remember ... And a couple of other new ones.