We're BACK in a new home!

Started by Stewart, September 29, 2002, 05:06:13 am

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Evening, well it went a lot better than I expected, apart from the fuse for the lighting going pop twice this evening. I managed to get the server moved to another part of the house, which isn't a case of unpluging it and repluging it back in again, here's a short list of what was involved.

1. Build new desks in new office for machines.
2. Arrange NEW cabling for B9 (Server name that TNMS is on).
3. Shutdown and move a 2Ghz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD space Server.
4. Clean (remove DUST from inside) and rebuild in new location.
5. Move DSL line from one end of house to other, involved wiring through the roofs and loft.
6. Bootup B9, and make sure it was still talking to other machines.
7. Check all 5 machines on system that they can see and talk to B9.
8. Tidy up :-)
9. Take picture (notice Permanent Waves painting, NOT print) and post here...

All done, Very tired, off to bed soon!


So come on then, what's the story with the PeW painting?


Hey Stew, is that a Lava Lamp I see languishing on the sideboard, there?
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Correct that is my lava lamp...

The amount of folks who say is that Sex object on your desk is crazy... AT LAST someone got it right :D