Please, I need 2 tickets for Glasgow show

Started by pere, August 26, 2004, 22:18:00 pm

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Hi All !

I live in Barcelona, but in September I will fly to Scotland to see Rush, and I haven't got tickets for the show. Please, I'm very interesting in this show !

A lot of thanks in advanced !!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for my English !



welcome Pere, i'm sure if members can help here they will. ;D
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U've got a new e-mail, just check it ;)

P.S.: @ Dixkot - Hope Street? Wow, i just loved it! Just didn't have enough time to stroll around, but Aragon Pub at Byres Road is my place :D


What with all the PM going on I don't know if you got sorted or not but I've had to concede defeat with the missus and so now have 2 SECC tickets up for grabs.

If you (or anyone else) are interested, they're in Block GG row X. Face value of course.


i hope defeat means you don't get to see any show :-/
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That wouldn't be defeat - that would be divorce  ;D

With some fairly long after gig drives, it's possible (just!) that I can get to see the other 5 gigs and only leave her alone with the kids for 2 nights (she's coming to the first NEC one). She just thinks the extra 2 nights I'd be away for the Glasgow gig are taking the p*ss a bit  :(