MEN seating arrangements

Started by AndyG, August 05, 2004, 19:22:15 pm

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Anyone see the Peter Kaye live show on C4 last night? It was fillumed in the MEN Arena and it does look great in there for a concert the way they had the seats set out. It looks like quite a wide place (almost square?) .  If anyone


Saw the show last night and thought the same. Checked on the MEN website and Peter Kay played with the stage at the side of the venue. Rush will be playing lengthways with the stage at the end.
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just been talking to someone whose been to the SEN for shows a lot and they said that the last 3 floor blocks are so far back you might as well be watching it on tele!!!!!  Its a big place so not unexpected ;D  They did go on to say the side tiered blocks offer excellent views for a concert.


Putting the stage at the side means the capacity is reduced, I'd imagine this to be the case anyway. The SECC capacity is almost 2000 more if the stage is placed at the end of the hall rather than the side.
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They also only had single tier seating whereas for Rush there are two tiers (as I know too well!)

Peter Kay capacity was 9000 I think and is about 16000 for Rush I believe.


the seating in the arena is always the same, apart for 'in the round' gigs that is. it has a great sound for such a big hall.