Rush in the Manchester Evening News

Started by Analog RH, February 27, 2004, 19:55:33 pm

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I've just picked up 5 extra copies (no hardship, the MEN is only 10p on Fridays


I need a copy can somebody get me one please.... ;D

Midway hookers.......can I have one :-)


I think that's them all gone but if there is a spare copy I wouldn't mind one.
Who Put The 'N' in North Berwick?

Analog RH

Lee and Dave get the last two.  :)

Sorry gebs and Neph - I should have bought more than 5.  :-[ Would a photocopy be better than nothing?


Andy Piercy

Picked up a 'Late Final' copy after work last night and unfortunately the story was relegated to a side bar with no picture on page 27  :( The tour ad was in the Go section though.


Who Put The 'N' in North Berwick?

David Egan

If anybody want a scan email me for one - it will be a nearly 4mb

Tom Garrett

nice article, well written , concice and accurate(excp maybe for some extra dates ;D)nice reading. 8)
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Hmmmmmmmmm, what a surprise!!

1) Rush in the Manchester Evening News - full page spread!

2) Ruish sell out MEN Arena!

Is there a link here do ya think?  ;D

Metro Radio sponsor the Arena at Newcastle, I am sure it would sell too as it would get blanket Radio & TV advertising, (Rush oin the telly)!  ;)


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Analog RH

Is there a link here do ya think?


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