Why the Sun?

Started by Richard, February 29, 2004, 05:01:00 am

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Ian Hills


But I thought that Rush was supposed to be "The Thinking Man's Heavy Metal"...
Heavy Metal?
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Wifey gets the Mail.  I don't bother.  When I used to get the bus to work back in, er, 1987? I think, I used to get The Telegraph - mainly because the crossword would keep me entertained there and back.

I like to read The Daily Post (regional) in the barbers.  If I was going to subscribe to a paper, then that would be it.
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Heavy Metal?

Someone else's quote  - don't worry :)  Can't think where I read it now...

OK - fair enough, looks like the Sun get's quite a few votes.  

I was quite impressed with the London Eveing Standard's ad.  The same size and on the same page as Busted (who no doubt I will have to goto see with my children...).

I'd have thought the broadsheets would have been worth a plug though.  


The choices of The Sun and The Daily Record in Scotland seem designed to get the ads in front of as many eyes as possible. Given that a huge amount of the promo for the tour will probably be by word of mouth it is probably the best ploy.

I read The Herald (formerly The Glasgow Herald) mainly and there was no mention of the tour in that.


They're all naff!

The Sun, Star, Mirror, etc, all the ones at that level are simply dunmming down the nation and chanelling our ideologies. The so called "more intelegent" ones simply do it in a more subtle and highbrow manner.

Idealy we should read them all and watch all of the news channels too. That way we might be able to tease some semblance of truth from the piles of bull that we are being fed to divert our attentions from what's realy going on in the political agenda.

Either that or switch em all off and put some Rush on instead!!!!

Rant over, spleen vented, think I'd best go and have a lie down now, take my medication..................


Why didn't they chose a few different publications (not just newspapers) for the ads?

Sureley Rush fans are as universally different as any group of long-term, hard-core fans could be?


I'm a Saturday Guardian man myself... but only buy it for the Guide usually! I bought it today though, good F1 guide in there as a freebie!  Don't bother with newspapers during the week - used to read the Daily Mail when I lived at home, and frequently used to splatter that with museli as I railed against their latest piece of reactionary scare-mongering!  ;)

I suspect that the 'chin-stroking glossies' will have heavy tour promotion in their back pages next month, I'm thinking of Uncut and MOJO to name but two.
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Stu Clark

I read the Independent and Telegraph most often personally.

If I pick a paper up, its the Indy also.


Independant most days, Guardian now and again and The Observer on a Sunday.

Can't be bothered with The Sun and it's sub 'Viz' standard of journalism  ;)

Jon M

I only just noticed that the Indypendant is available as a tabloid now :). I cant stand the hassle of reading the broadsheets...you need so much room or a blackbelt in origami.

In my opinion The Daily Mail is the worst of the bunch. Such a dishonest paper which twists facts and sensationalises trivia where it suits its dubious political standpoint. The whole thing is a dirty whore dressed up smart. >:(

At least with the Sun there's no pretence. You can read it in five minutes and its generally pretty funny. I used to avoid it a lot because of the third page but that really doesn't bother me any more. :D

I like the Independant and the Times if I'm in the mood for a read, unfortunately time doesn't allow for this 'til late at night so I generally opt for 15 minutes of sky news and a session on TNMS which is a much better experience. ;D
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The TORONTO Sun that is!  ;D

My son Brian is a carrier for the Sun on weekends so I get some free reading in!  :D