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Started by Nephronic, January 06, 2003, 06:35:21 am

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I know this is not my place to start this but I'm sitting here, full of gin and wondering what to do. Sorry Chris.
From the moment I first heard Rush in 1977 everything they had recorded had been the dog's bollocks as far as I was concerned. Looking back now I can see that some of their earlier output was fairly lame. As I got older I was not as easily swayed as I was in my younger days and had widened my musical tastes around the time of Power Windows. Although Rush albums are very rarely immediate there was always a few hooks here and there to keep you interested and made you look forward to the next listen. Power Windows was the first Rush album that left me cold and still does to this day. Repeated playing only made the album sound twice as bad. It was bland beyond belief, stripped of anything that I associated with Rush. The only songs that I can listen to are The Big Money and Middletown Dreams, Grand Designs is okay but nothing better than that. Songs such as Manhatten Project and Territories are lifeless and have some of the worst lyrics that Peart has ever written, at times he can be the Oliver Stone of lyricists. Power Windows is right down there with the very worst of the Rush catalogue and, in my opinion, was the start of the erratic standard of recordings that Rush would release over the next few years. I know that I'm probably in a minority as far as this album is concerned but I've never been able to warm to it. I still play it now and again in the hope that I may find some new, subtle nuances that I had previously missed. However, every time it still sounds like the same old sterile rubbish. Nice album sleeve though!
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Although I don't agree with you now, I think I know exactly what you mean.  I remember listening to Power Windows for the first time and thinking .. is this a joke?  what the FECK is this crap?  It just washed over me like so much glossily produced pointless limp noise.  I felt exactly the same about Hold Your Fire, and it wasn't until years later that I started to appreciate those two records.  I'm sorry to hear that it hasn't happened for you yet if indeed it ever will but I can honestly say that I love most of Power Windows now.  I find The Big Money and Manhattan Project really stirring.

While not in the same league as Signals or Moving Pictures I feel that Power Windows is a big improvement on Grace Under Pressure and much, much better than anything since Hold Your Fire.

What do you think of Hold Your Fire?  I love the production on both these albums - really sophisticated, grand and atmospheric, and the material is mostly very strong.

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yes a great production, even though Alex's guitar sound is thinner, it fits perfectly. The opening to Big Money has to be up there as one of the great album openers *EVER*. I think there were still some bold moves - the use of an orchestra still doesn't really work for me (although it is far better than the string sounds used on Animate - they are just WRONG!)

Mystic Rhythms is a great track for me. Its so atmospheric, but the version on ASOH is equally as good, even though there are some differences.

Middletown Dreams - another great track - some great guitar work from Alex - those clean yet distorted chords are really good (another Police influence I guess).

When you think how many of the songs were performed live, and on several tours, it must have been a favourite within the band, and it certainly is for me - this is well within my favourite period of Rush ( Signals - Counterparts), which is no surprise seeing as I'm a keyboard player as well as a guitarist - great stuff.



For me, this is Rush's best produced album.  I mean what a BIG sound!!.

Some great songs - infact all of them are good.  I've personally had enough of Big Money though.

I only wish Vapor Trails had this production!! - just imagine that!!
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Cracking album art work by the way - I have the plate-signed litho being framed as we speak, er, type.

The album:

The first of the mid-80's pairing of Power Windows / Hold Your Fire.
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I love Power Windows,it was all I was listening to over the Holy Days.What recaptured my heart was the emotive lead on Marathon and the last 90 seconds of Manhatten Project.It's packed with the energy of Rush (I dig the two bass slaps Ged throws in at 4:01).

Emotion Detector: a song you can quote to your girlfriends to make them think your a  sensitive soul.

Mystic Rhythms:Neil perfectly encapsulates the wonder of rendezvousing with the redemptive rhythms of the nocturnal wonders.

Big Money,Grand Designs,and Territories have fun word play.Interestingly enough,it was Middletown Dreams that my introspective spirit first latched onto when this album was released.

It will always be in my top five favorites...

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QuoteIt will always be in my top five favorites...

Don't you mean favoUrites  :P
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And, Girl with Eyes of Fawn (and all other new friends that don't know yet), there are threads reviewing albums going all the way back to RUSH and we're starting one a week, so next week HYF will appear, followed by A Show Of Hands.

We are including the live albums, but not, as far as I know, the 'collections' like Chronicles and Retrospective I and II.  But who knows, when we've done with the studio and lives, we may turn to these?

Please, re-live your memories and put down your views on any and all albums that have been done so far.  Even if you don't post, there are some amazing disparities of views to be read there already.
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Power Windows is one of my fave Rush albums of the 80's it came out at the time when I would make a special point of buying their albums and singles on the day of release and having got the Big Money 12" a week or 2 early knew we would be in for a great album.
Does anyone else recall the Virgin Megastore in Oxford Streets full window display for the album with cardboard cut outs of the boy and the TV's ? Now that doesn't happen anymore.
Territories is one of my top Rush tracks of all time.
And as was said previously the album was a great improvement from GUP.


After careful consideration I have reached the conclusion that apart from a couple of class tracks, this album sucks  :o  :-X  ::)  :P



Are U a sesame street fan by any chance?


QuoteAfter careful consideration I have reached the conclusion that apart from a couple of class tracks, this album sucks


QuoteAre U a sesame street fan by any chance?

Come and play
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I must ask however,what led you to broach such an issue...how did you know (elemental telepathy... ::)...I love Seasame Street,it only gets better as old friends are growing older.  


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fecking idiot!