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Started by Nick, November 15, 2020, 20:51:19 pm

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So how often do people normally get take aways or eat out for their main meal of the of day each month? (Ignoring COVID).

Probably once a month for us.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.


Same, about once a month normally. But a lot less since covid.

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Used to be a Chinese take-away every Friday without fail. Nothing since Covid.


Don't do takeaways. Common people do that.

Eat out once a year, that's all we can afford to do the places we eat out at. That's one day a year we pretend to be posh.
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Get a Chinese meal delivered maybe slightly more than once a month on average.  The occasional Friday treat.
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Once or twice a month, it was 3 times this week though, as we're so busy packing ready for the house move. That will all change soon though.
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Up until my heart attack, I was a take out and eat out monster. A takeaway twice a week, and me and Wendy would eat out at least once a week. Those days are gone now though. A Chinese about every 3-4 weeks, and I can't remember the last time we ate out tbh.