Started by Reg, January 29, 2020, 14:04:40 pm

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I saw a Cineworld Unlimited preview screening of this last night.

Here is a summary from imdb:

"Michael Winterbottom skewers the fast-fashion industry in this scathing farce about the grotesque inequality between a retail billionaire (Steve Coogan) and the female garment workers who toil on his trendy clothing line."

I thought that the film hammered home its message and preached just a tad too much. Not that I am in any way defending the fashion industry - I just thought that the film in particular didn't need the credits sequence where plenty of facts were put in front of you on screen (assuming that they were facts of course - I assume they were/are, even though the film is a work of fiction - it is clearly based on reality).

Steve Coogan is great, clearly relishing the role. I'm not a fan-boy, and I haven't liked everything he has done, but he shines in this.
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Winterbottom and Coogan are a proven good combination so will try and catch this, in whatever format.

I think Coogan's work in feature films has stepped up an impressive level in recent years; Philomena and Stan & Ollie spring immediately to mind.
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