Started by zoony, January 06, 2020, 13:17:36 pm

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What a sad state of affairs the 3rd round weekend was. It used to be arguably the biggest day in the footballing calendar back in the day, where most of the grounds were full, and every team put their strongest line up out. These days, most PL managers use  it as an excuse to rest the majority of their best players, and the fans know this, which results in disappointing attendances. Surely they should be looking at ways to encourage clubs to take this competition as seriously as it used to be?


There was a bloke on the radio this morning suggesting that the lower ranked team in every tie should be at home...

This would encourage more jeopardy for the higher ranked team and also potentially increase attendances.

I'm not sure what it would do to the finances - imagine being drawn away as a lower league team to United and getting 25% of a gate of 70000!
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I agree with zoony. I remember as a kid how massive the FA Cup Final day was - and it was the only live game you got to watch on TV. Despite the BBC trying to flog a dead horse with the FA cup, sadly money rules and it will never be like it was ever again. You can't blame the bigger teams for fielding their B/C teams in the national cup games as they are trying to spread the load due to the amount of games they have to play nowadays. Well, that's their excuse - but as pros is it really that hard to play more games? As a mad youth I used to play Rugby Union twice a week; admittedly my ears were 'hanging off' most of the time (2nd row going backwards is not fun lol).


Quote from: Bez on January 07, 2020, 09:27:16 amI'm not sure what it would do to the finances - imagine being drawn away as a lower league team to United and getting 25% of a gate of 70000!
I'd be very surprised if they got that sort of attendance there for a cup tie against a lower league team now mate. I think the start of the rot was when they decided to play the semifinals at Wembley, and I can't believe they're still doing that nowadays, as there are plenty of stadiums around the country that hold 50,000 or more. It's no longer the holy grail to play at Wembley anymore, as more and more teams get the chance to do it with the semis and the play-offs. It used to be part of the magic of the cup to get that one off day at Wembley, but not anymore.

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Agree about the semi-finals - they should be played elsewhere - preferably in a geographic location that helps both sets of fans get there and back easily. Unfortunately the FA need their cash cow games at Wembley to finance the upkeep of the stadium so it's unlikely to happen......and when did the FA / Premiership / Football Governing Bodies in general last give a toss about the actual fans who attend games....????


With the team selections of the majority of PL sides for FA cup ties in recent times, the days of "giant killing" have gone.

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