Started by zoony, October 05, 2019, 21:56:29 pm

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I don't go to the pictures very often, but from what I've heard and read, this looks like a seriously good film. I think I will make the effort to go and see it.


Just back.

Best film I've seen for YEARS. A cross between Taxi Driver and King of Comedy.

Very 1970's visually and very Scorcese-esque.  A slow burner but a stunning portrayal of a descent into madness.

If you're looking for Batman style action and special effects, this isn't the film for you.

Can't wait to see it again...
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Given the reaction everywhere I look, I might actually especially make some time to see this in the cinema before I'm able to go there to watch Star Wars Ep IX.  ::)
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I've got to be honest I found this very... meh.

It's a decent enough film, but it was too predictable. Also no need for the Wayne subplot.

I think what I found myself thinking is Arthur has too much of a jump to make from where the film ends to becoming The Joker we all know.

My mrs did make an interesting comment though that she sees him not as the actual Joker, but someone who inspires the Heath Ledger Joker as Arthur would be nearly 60 when he first confronts Batman.
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Can't believe we haven't had a review of this film from our resident Barry Norman yet? C'mon Reg, we're waiting 😉.