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Started by Bez, August 27, 2019, 15:06:21 pm

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I'm a recent convert to DD having watched the last series and now started with the new series on the BBC.

Overall I'm enjoying the new "dragon" she's added a bit of "agro" to the exchanges and already seems to have ruffled a few feathers

Some of the entrepreneurs are complete dicks though - under-prepared and amateurish. I guess that's what makes it watchable in a "car crash" kind of way...
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I've really been into it for about the last 4 series now, and enjoy it. Only watched the first episode with the new dragon, and was really impressed with her.


Having watched this on and off for many years, I thought it a bit strange that they didn't quiz the bicycle chain fixer chap about 2 things that they normally pounce on with inventions:

Does he have a patent for the gizmo - what was to stop someone else coming out with a cheaper copy?
Speaking of cheap - what is the cost per unit, where are they made etc., and how much do they retail for? As in what is the mark-up?

Strange that none of this was raised - or if it was, that it wasn't aired.

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