Football League vs ITV Digital

Started by Ashley_Davidson, August 02, 2002, 05:36:31 am

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Now that the courts have ruled in favour of ITV, what do you think?

Was the league just plain greedy, after all who in their right mind would pay to watch some of the crap played in many games, especially when nobody even bothers to go to the games. Or has the league been ripped off by ITV Digital, with big business ducking out of their responsibility?


So we have no Football League fans do we not Mr Quartly?

Chris Quartly

To be honest I thought I'd posted on this, but maybe resisted so I could think about it a little more!

It's trickey, for a start this thing was always going to happen. ITV thought they were going to get a bankroll and so put up a lot of money....we know what happened after that.

The courts decision was correct, as the other companies are not legally tied to ITV digital. They were smart! I think everything to do with football is about money, and all clubs, organisations are greedy and will try and get all they can.

The league are plain greedy, but if someone offers you playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade


Well I actually disagree.

I think ITV have acted shamefully. Once you commit to paying the cash, it's not surprising that the hard put to smaller clubs started to make plans for the money. After all, there has been absolutely no problem at all with Sky & the Premiership, so why should the Nationwide be different.

Who's fault is it if nobody bothers to watch small teams with no mass appeal, ITV's. Plain & simple.

I wouldn't want to watch Torquay against Gillingham for example, but I might watch Birmingham against Wolves, but ITV should have known this, they cocked up, and the law might be on their side, but since when has the law been just or in the best interest of those in the right. It is simply the law.

ITV gambled and gambled wrong, and those poor sods who paid for the service were dropped too just like the clubs.

Chris Quartly

Well you've answered both points.

The Sky/Premiership package works so well because it is attractive. And the level of football is high, plain and simple.

As you said, you're not going to want to watch Torquay vs Gillingham (!) so what do you do about division 2 and 3 teams? Not show them? And then how can you justify giving them any money?

Sky have a foothold on the market and considering the Football League games will be directly competing against the premiership games, there will only be one winner all the time.

Yes, ITV have acted shamefully. But the courts have acted rightfully by the letter of the law. Which as you say is unjust but it's the way this is going to be.

So what should happen? They can't pay the money as they have none. playlist of previous 7 days:<br /><br /><br />Q's Comps<br /><br />Some Other Suckers Parade


They should not be allowed to get away with paying nothing, and ITV should not be allowed to hide behind ITV Digital pretending it is nothing to do with them.

Big business ducking it's responsibilities.


QuoteBig business ducking it's responsibilities.

That's not uncommon when the raking in has stopped...
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