Pediction League 2019-2020

Started by Bez, August 02, 2019, 08:40:33 am

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TalkSport have stopped running the prediction league, but it has moved back to

You'll need to register

I've set up a TNMS league.

League code : 7g955

Happy predicting ;D
RC1.1 abd g/n 11/0/bcd/tG PeW/- ~600 x 0 61%




Poor turnout, only 4 have bothered to enter the league. Had a nightmare first week as well!


Mon the Jambos


Had a good week just gone in what I thought was a tough set of fixtures. Managed to get all three of the 1-1 draws bang on. Disappointed to see that I'd got the Villa result wrong, as I'd put that one down as a draw, despite putting a bang on 2-1 Bournemouth win on the super 6!


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Could have been worse this week, no one bettered my score. Annoyed to have got two minus 30 bankers in the first 3 weeks though. Spurs let me down yesterday.


Very pleased with 165 in the week just gone, with 60 for my 4-0 banker on City.


Tough going this week, but at least I kept my banker. C'mon Bez and Dix, you've given us enough of a head start now 😉.