Designated Survivor

Started by Slim, June 12, 2019, 22:38:15 pm

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So a few days ago 'er indoors requested that we have Netflix, and this evening, while trying to get it working properly with our Fire stick / HiFi amp combination I selected a programme called Designated Survivor, as a test.

I ended up watching the whole thing (the audio is working nicely now, thanks).

Kiefer Sutherland plays a low-ranking member of the US cabinet, who - one fateful evening - is the "designated survivor". This is the person who is arranged to be at a different location when more prominent members of the government are gathered at the same place - so that he or she can take over if there's a natural disaster, bomb attac, mass shooting or whatever.

On this particular evening, a bomb wipes out the President and cabinet at the State of the Union address in Washington.

It's very similar to one of those political thriller 24 stories in some ways, with the US in a heightened state of alert from being under attack, and tension arising from the hawks vs doves storyline. But there's no action, no fighting; it's pure political drama. Kiefer doesn't get to kill anyone.

A little bit wooden and predictable in places I thought, but I was entertained and will stick with it. I hadn't heard of it but it's three years old now apparently.

As for Netflix itself - it does work very well, very good hi def picture even on a 65" screen. Not sure how much good stuff is on there but it's not expensive.


I watched this when it came out.  Can't remember how far I went with it.  Started strongly enough but I did lose interest.
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