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Started by Matt2112, June 11, 2019, 23:14:15 pm

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Anyone watching this?  I'm sort of watching it for the locations; Shibden Hall where most of it is set is just down the road from me.

Apparently tourist visits have increased by 600%. Never actually set foot in the place myself!  :-[
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That'll be a no then.

Well, I haven't really watched it either; however, there's a filming location in the (very deep) Shibden Valley within dog-walking distance of my home that I'll go and take a look at.

Stay tuned folks.  ::)

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Watched about 10 minutes and added it to the "life's too short" pile....

It is fascinating when somewhere that you know is on the telly...."After Life" was filmed largely around Hemel and it made it even better than the programme alone...
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Was dragged along to the house/museum at the weekend; actually fairly interesting and more to it than I thought, I certainly got the sense of the history running through the place.

According to Google maps it's 0.8 miles from my house.  For shame as a local, not having visited before!  :-\
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