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I used to wear a tie regularly to the office but not worn one for a few years. Anybody still wear one?
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Did for years, but haven't for years.

Fridays are dress down - unless we have "visitors", when I'm advised, "Don't wear that Megadeth hoodie",  even though I don't have one.  ::)
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I think they will disappear like caps did. Not even sure where they originated from, have to google it.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.


Are they still considered mandatory at formal interviews?

Had an interview once wearing a very natty three-piece suit and thought I cruised it; I noticed only afterward my tie had become crazily twisted and unkempt which must have been an influencing factor in being unsuccessful.  :-\
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The knot question, I only had one knot which was very basic, no Windsor knots for me.

Don't forget 80's leather strip ties..must be due a comeback.
Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.


I still wear a tie every day. Sometimes round my neck instead of being used as a headband.

I use a knot of my own creation.
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I wore one with a 'formal' uniform everyday for well over 10 years through the 90s. Now it seems  I was ridiculously well turned out for a field engineer!


Used to wear a suit & tie to work every day at Rolls-Royce, then the City. Dress-down Fridays (business casual only) came in in the late '90s at the investment firm where I worked. By the time I arrived at my present employer 6 years ago it was business casual Monday-Thurs and t-shirts / jeans / shorts / whatever on Fridays. Now it's anything goes Monday-Friday unless you're meeting a customer, in which case I usually wear a suit, but no tie.

In the City there was a lot of tie snobbery going on, especially at the Japanese bank where I worked which employed a lot of nouveau-yuppy cockney wide boys. If you were caught wearing an M&S tie you'd be ridiculed. I used to get mine from Turnbull & Asser on Jermyn Street.

I think I'd probably still wear one at an interview, depending on the potential employer.

Always used a Windsor knot many years ago but discontinued that practice.

When we started doing dress-down Fridays at that investment firm it definitely seemed a bad move at first because it seemed to create an instant end-of-term atmosphere, and people would sometimes  mess around for hours instead of working. I well remember a long-lasting game of "bollock tennis" between two of my colleagues one Friday afternoon.

I have dozens of ties still, I must chuck some of them or stuff them in a clothing bank or something.
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I have to wear a clip-on tie as part of my uniform. 

The clip on is so that, if we have to put 'hands on', it pulls off in the hand of any ne'er-do-well who tries grabbing you and we can get them 'wrapped' and out of the venue before they know what's happening.
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is still wear one every day , I see it as an alternative to the scarf in summer time , and in winter it keeps my neck warm on site . 

great bargains to be had with silk ties at charity shops , as long as you avoid the heavily stained ones .. .
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Only a black one at funerals.


Haven't worn a the to work since 2003. Only for weddings and like Zoony funerals.

I don't miss them
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Used to wear one everyday but not anymore although I have worn one twice this year to work dinner events.


Like most here, it is weddings funerals and job interviews only for me.
My son's secondary school has recently changed the uniform to blazers and ties to make them look smart and ready for the world of work. I am not sure which century they are living in.
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