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June 19, 2019, 17:54:09 pm

TNMS v2.1 - RC2

Started by Stewart, May 26, 2019, 20:51:44 pm

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Welcome to the updated TNMS...

Not only is it a LOT more secure, it's got a load of new features, not that I know what they all are yet...

Anyway, this is the base/default Theme, the old one isn't compatible as far as I can tell, however this one DOES support mobile devices ;-) (yeah yeah I know at last)....

I will look to making it a little more RUSH soon enough ;-)



Thanks for all your hard work.
It all looks a bit bright at the moment  8)
Better drowned than duffers if not duffers wont drown


Cheers mate. I'm sure we will get used to it, and as I only use my mobile to go on line these days, this new version is certainly easier 🙂.


Good work Stew. Nice to have the notifications feature. Not bothered about the colour scheme myself.

The Letter R

Been away - looking nice and new and clean - good work Stewart  ;D