RIP Paul Raymond UFO

Started by Nick, April 13, 2019, 19:02:57 pm

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Everybody's got to evalate from the norm.


Quote from: Nick on April 13, 2019, 19:02:57 pm
Yet  another gone.  :(
Dreadful news. Glad I was at his last UK show. He was as solid as ever.
RIP Kipper  :'(


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Bum :(

Nothing about it on the BBC's "Entertainment" pages, but they're still banging on about Nipsey Hussle - someone who wasn't even known by his own mother- rather than someone who came out of the 60s Blues Boom and became a stalwart of 70s and 80s Hard Rock. But the Beeb has to be so achingly PC and down with the Yoof.
Legend in my own Mind


Finding this quite unsettling, as an interview with him came up on my YouTube suggestions yesterday morning. I hadn't given him a second thought for many years, but I watched a few similar interviews, and downloaded one of his albums. Then a few hours later his partner Sandra broke the news that he'd died.

Saw him once with UFO in '79 (I think Neil Carter had taken over keyboard / second guitar duties the other times I saw them) and a couple of times with MSG, including a very memorable night at Middlesbrough Town Hall when I was right at the front.


Sad news. Spent a fair bit of time listening to MSG back in the early 80s. RIP Paul.


Very sad to hear this, Paul played a scorcher at Hull City Hall
during UFO's last-ever northern show a fortnight ago and was
obviously having a whale of a time onstage 👍