Best Rush loving fictional character

Started by döm, February 21, 2019, 08:49:21 am

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A poll to vote for your favourite fictional Rush character.

I detested the film "I Love You Man" so there's no way I'd vote for those morons.

Conversely "The Goldbergs" is a witty sitcom so the permanent Rush t-shirt wearing character got my vote.

Are there any others out there. Bubbles from Trailor Park Boys was one who didn't get a mention. Any others?
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The Letter R

I actually enjoyed I love you man - never seen the Goldbergs so can't comment - won't bother voting though......


I love you man = shit.

I like the feller in Ready Player One, although not sure if he was a Rush fan, or just obsessive about 2112
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Fictional characters aren't real. Therefore they can't like Rush.
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Whatsisname (Flynn?) from Futurama with his Rush mix tape.
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