Keep breathing......

Started by L3rxst, January 28, 2019, 00:23:32 am

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In a really dark place in my life at the moment.
I'm sure I'm not the only one.
Rush is keeping me going
God bless you all guys
Sorry to bleat. Theres always someone worse off and we are all blessed eh?
I want to believe......


Yes. Keep breathing, 'cos otherwise you're dead and that's infinitely worse than being alive.

And buy a bicycle and ride it. Lots. Much better than Rush for picking you up. Trust me.
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Exercise also helped me through a bad time. Remember, however you feel now, it's temporary. Take care


Yes, exercise is good.  Exercise produces endorphins and they are your friend. 

Have you spoken to anyone, maybe an organisation like the Andy Man's Club?  There may be one near you - they can help.

Wishing you well.
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Keep strong mate - remember there are a number of organisations out there who can offer support.
Get yourself to a Rush tribute gig if you can too. Good music and like-minded people can only help.

rufus the dawg

Yes keep breathing and listening to Rush. You are not bleating.

Have you also tried mindfulness.

Good luck
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Really sorry to hear. Hang in there and things will get better. Hard to know what to type without sounding trite. But I've been through some awful dark times. In the end they make you wiser and stronger. All part of your story.
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