Started by Nick, January 10, 2019, 20:55:47 pm

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Really enjoy Sushi in all its forms. The rice/fish/soi sauce/wasabi/ginger combo is perfect, filling and yet light at the same time. I've had it in Japan and from a Tesco chiller and like it all.
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I like it. I'm fortunate enough to have worked in Tokyo a couple of times and often had it there, but used to go to Yo Sushi on Poland St most Saturdays when I lived in London. Mostly used to like Avocado Maki. I used to get freebies from the chefs there for being a regular. Also used to frequent a place called Gili Gulu in Covent Garden - another conveyor belt place, like Yo - but that's long gone now, sadly.

Sometimes used to buy the chilled packs at Pret a Manger and that was a bit rubbish, but OK. The Tesco stuff isn't bad, as you say.
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