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Fanatsy Football Game
« on: December 13, 2018, 14:17:59 PM »
Afternoon all,

A mate of mine is trying to develop his fantasy footie game as a business.

As part of this he's offering a free trail at

The game looks complex on the surface, but is pretty good once you get used to the premise...(we've been playing in pretty much the same format for over 20years)

Basically, you buy a squad of up to 17 players from the PL & The Championship and play head to head matches against other players in your division.
Players score points for not conceding goals as a keeper or defender, winning as a midfielder and scoring goals as any player.
Each player can only be owned by 1 manager per division, so only one Harry Kane or Mo Salah for example...

Instructions for the online auction of players and how to play the game are on the website.

if anyone has any questions feel free to drop me a PM or comment on here

Free trail registration closes at 21:00 tomorrow.


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